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Blonde hair blue eyes gentleman

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While pop culture provides a slew of mixed messages about the characteristics of blonde women in modern times, a report by researchers at the University of St.

Andrews says that light hair and blue eyes began to appear in a minority of northern European women at the end of the Ice Age. The findings were published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

Blonde girl from Vanuatu. A separate study by three universities in Eeys that analyzed northern European genes determined that the genetic mutation that resulted in blonde hair occurred about 11, years ago.

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According to the report, due to food shortages roughly 11, years ago, men were forced to go out on risky and physically-demanding hunting expeditions. Their prey included mammoth, bison, and reindeer.

A large number of male hunters never made it back from these trips, leaving the surviving women with a pool of far fewer potential mates with whom to procreate. Incidence of Blond Hair in Europe.

The men who did blonde hair blue eyes gentleman were highly sought. Due to the sudden change in ratio of women to men, blond hair originated as a genetic necessity. Men were attracted to women with golden locks and gfntleman eyes, thus populating the area with blonde and blue-eyed children and grandchildren.

Up until then, all blonde hair blue eyes gentleman had had blobde hair and brown eyes. Northern Europeans have the greatest variety of hair and eye color found anywhere on the planet, which lead author of the study, Canadian anthropologist Peter Frost, believes resulted from the sexual appeal of these traits.

There are more than seven distinct shades of blonde hair found in Europe today. How did such a large variation develop in a blonde hair blue eyes gentleman short period of time in this geographical region? Interestingly, the tables seem to have turned in the blonde-brunette debate since those prehistoric times.

Inresearchers at City University in London found that men preferred photographs of brunettes and redheads over photos of blondes. Peter Ayton, a psychology professor at City University who led the research, said dark hair may now be more a potent symbol than blond.

According to the study, as heterosexual relationships have evolved, men may have become more attracted by mental prowess, which is connected to brunettes in the male psyche, than the primal, physical attraction of blonde blonde hair blue eyes gentleman.

It is even possible that certain hair colors can indicate wealth and experience. Read fyes story from us: Ancient DNA suggests the disappearance of Iberian men.

Soon enough, this debate will be a thing of the past. A World Health Organization study predicted that natural blondes are likely to be extinct within the next two centuries, as too few people are carrying the blond gene.

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Mar 22, Larissa Harris. Do blondes have more fun, or are they dumb?

Do gentlemen prefer them? It seems that cavemen did.

The goddess Hera, depicted with blond hair.