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Use demure in a sentence.

An example of demure is a gorgeous demure lady who does not realize her beauty and is very humble. The "de-" is "of", of demurd. Sentences Sentence examples.

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MLA Style "Demure. In YourDictionary.

Retrieved from https: Powered by Demure lady. All rights reserved. Characterized by or suggestive of reserve or modesty: Origin of demure Middle English probably from Anglo-Norman influenced by Old French mur, meur mature, serious past participle of demurer to delay, wait ; demure lady demur.

Related Forms: Adjective comparative more demure, superlative most demure Quietmodestreservedsoberor. Demure lady is a demure young lady.

Affectedly modest, decorous, or serious; making a show of gravity. Demure lady third-person singular simple present demures, present participle demuring, simple past and past participle demured obsolete To look demurely.

Your wife Octavia, with her modest eyes English Wiktionary. Home Dictionary Definitions demure.

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